Bug Muffler for Sidewinder Header

Bug Muffler for Sidewinder Header

Code: A1SW200



Product Description


Competition sidewinder mufflers use A1's exclusive 'magna flo' muffler design built to A1's specifications, incorporating a full 2 1/2" hi-flo straight through core design and constructed in 409 stainless steel with the inlet and outlet on the same end cap for fitment versatility. This design and construction will allow the muffler to flow equally to that of an open stinger upwards of 220HP, yet allows a clean even exhaust note and achieving a noise level under 90 decibels (sound levels may vary due to engine horsepower). Numerous 11 and 12 second quarter mile street/drag cars have achieved excellent performance results with these mufflers. Available in ceramic coated tubing or stainless tubing.

Fits all Type 1 with rear disc brakes. Will not fit bugs with rear traction bar. Also fits Ghia with or without traction bar. As well as Speedster kit cars including Beck and intermecanica. Can be used on "Super Slammed" busses, this offers most tire and ground clearances. Clears reduction boxes, any size and backspaced wheels, and rear disc brake calipers. Exhaust tip exits under vehicle, and exhaust soot may discolor bumper.

This picture shows the fully polished stainless muffler.