CB Performance Super Race Rods - Chevy Rod Journal - 5.500" Length - Set of Four

CB Performance Super Race Rods - Chevy Rod Journal - 5.500" Length - Set of Four

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Product Description

Our new Race Rods are manufactured from 4340 Chromoly forgings and then heat treated, CNC machined, and stress relieved. Each Race Rod is then visually inspected and magnufluxed. The crankshaft end of the rod is bolted together, CNC machined and precision honed to + or - .0002". The rod journal bearing surfaces are hone finished to a fine crosshatch. Silicon bronze wrist pin bushings are pressed in and finish honed to + or - .0002". Super Race Rods are available to fit VW and Chevy Rod journals and in lengths from 5.400" to 5.700". Super Race Rods are assembled with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts and shipped in matched sets of four to assure continuity and convenience during engine assembly. You'll get bottom end beef with a set of CB Super Race Rods. Super Race Rods are lighter and yet stronger than O.E.M VW connecting rods. The rod caps are engineered to reduce the amount of internal case clearancing inquired to drop in a stroker crank. You can run strokes up to 76mm with out case clearancing. Super Race Rods allow you to run longer strokes while maintaining the structural integrity of the engine case. Short rods, or long rods? The choice is yours, but modern engine builders know that longer rods make more power by reducing side load oil the pistons. Long rods move the power band up the RPM scale because longer rods cause the piston to "dwell" longer in the vicinity of top dead center. This produces a cleaner burn of the air/fuel mixture, and there is actually a longer period of time for the pressure created to press against the top of the piston. Rod ratios are an important part of engine design. The key factor is that pure-bred racing engines are equipped with the longest rods possible.