Gene Berg Dual Carb Fan Mount Linkage Kit

Gene Berg Dual Carb Fan Mount Linkage Kit




Product Description

Gene Berg linkages are chosen by people who want a linkage that fits and works perfectly every time!

Proper pivot axis provides extremely smooth and soft pedal response.
The response is so good you will not know you have dual carbs on the car when the instructions are followed.
Provides full throttle every time, even on early cars.

This linkage features:

  • built in adjustable return springs (springs should never be added to the carbs)
  • adjustable side thrust at hardened steel heims
  • ball joints at all ends
  • aluminum center pivot with adjustable location for different pedal travel and quickness
  • Three shaft bearings eliminate bending in the center of the shaft
  • An adjustable full throttle stop on the cross bar at the arm locations to limit pedal force against the carburetorís shafts, prevents bending butterfly shafts

    Hooks up to the stock cable end at the stock carburetor fan housing hole (FI fan housings require a new hole be drilled).
    Adjustments ensure full throttle and smooth operation.

    All require stock VW fan housings (or equivalent with coil bracket and fan mounting locations, some modifications may need to be made to mounting holes when installing on aftermarket fan shrouds).

    Linkage arms and linkage rods are included in kit.

    Easy to understand instructions are included.

    Originated in the USA by Gene Berg Enterprises in 1965.