2298 Eagle Drag Race Cam

2298 Eagle Drag Race Cam

Code: CB2298



Product Description

(FK-89) Adv. Duration 328 / Dur. @ .050" 278 / Lift @ cam .407" / Lift w/1.1:1 Rocker Arms .447" / Lift w/1.25:1 .509" / Lift w/1.4:1 .570" / Lift w/1.5:1 .611". If you're looking for maximum quarter mile performance, this is the cam series for you. Eagle Drag Race Cams have been designed for use with high lift rockers, dual springs, and a heavy foot. For your convenience we have listed the valve lifts with 1.1:1 ratios and also when using the three most popular high lift rocker arm ratios. Eagle Drag Race Cams are ground on 107 degree lobe centers on special oversize billets. Each cam is heat treated, Parkerized, and shipped with new bolts and cam locks. Eagle Drag Race Came are for the serious racer. Others need not apply!