Cam-shieldル 4 oz. Brush Top Assembly Lube

Cam-shieldル 4 oz. Brush Top Assembly Lube

Code: CB3050



Product Description

The current API SM/ ILSAC GF-4 engine oils with lower levels of ZDDP (Zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate) chemistry are suspected of contributing to wear related failures in flat tappet cam engines. Other contributing factors may be incorrect engine assembly, improper cam and / or lifter metallurgy, lack of proper break-in assembly lube, and negligent maintenance of the valve train.

Cam-shield assembly lube has a ZDDP concentration of 2500 parts per million. This helps initiate proper cam break-in and prevent galling. An excellent and in-expensive choice for your high performance VW engine.

This jar will treat 10 motors.