Nuts, Bolts, Screws And Washers

Hex Nut, 8X1.25Mm
Hex Nut,10X1.5Mm
Hex Nut,12X1.5Mm
Cap Nut, Oil Sump Cover, 6X1.0Mm set of 6
Jam Nut, Valve Adjuster Screw, 8X1.0Mm
Nylock Hex Nut, 6X1.0Mm
Nylock Hex Nut, 8X1.25
Flat Washer, 5Mm,
Flat Washer,6Mm
Flat Washer, 10Mm
Flat Washer,8Mm
Split Washer,6Mm
Split Washer, 10Mm
Split Washer,12Mm
Split Washer,8Mm