CB 044 Heads 40x35.5 valves 90.5/92 bore

CB 044 Heads 40x35.5 valves 90.5/92 bore

Code: CB1442



Product Description

044 MAGNUM with 40 x 35.5mm S/S valves, Dual Super Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers, & Sure-Grip Locks (Mahle 90.5-92mm bore). 044's are more powerful than ever with optional 42 x 37mm S/S valves! You've read about 044's and seen'em run. Now you can have 044's with SUPERGRIP S/S Single Groove Valves! Stronger by design with big flowing ports. Hi-Rev springs, chromoly retainers, bronze silicon racing valve guides, 3/4" long reach spark plug bosses, double thick combustion chamber walls, tapered cooling fins and factory produced by an O.E.M supplier to Volkswagen. The choice is yours, order your 044's today with 40 x 35.5mm or 42 x 37mm S/S valves.Chamber Volume; Approximately 55 cc's. Sold Individually