28mm Ultralight Racing Lifters (set of 8)

28mm Ultralight Racing Lifters (set of 8)

Code: CB1537



Product Description

The lightest VW Lifter ever made. They weigh 22 grams less than stock lifters and feature an innovative two piece design with a wide base 30mm diameter head. CB's Lightweight Racing Lifters are manufactured from specially cast harden able iron. A unique casting and heat treating process produces a lifter with massive carbide deposits and high chrome content in the head area. The lifter body castings are annealed, CNC Machined to heat-treated racing tolerances.

The hollow lifter body supports a push rod cup manufactured from patented stress-proof steel. The push rod cup is secured by an internal snap ring. The metallurgy of these new lifters is compatible to that of all major brand cast billet camshafts.

The exclusive 30mm Wide base Lifter Head allows the use of Big Foot and other special camshafts that produce faster opening rates and valve lift to over .500 at the cam.

CB's Lightweight Racing Lifters represent a brand new engineering breakthrough in VW Lifters that will help your engine produce higher RPMs and increased power. They can be used with steel or aluminum push rods and stock or high lift rocker arms. For best performance we recommend the use of CB's Ultra Lightweight Thin Wall Chromoly Push Rods.