Stainless Steel Racing Push Rod Tubes - set of 8

Stainless Steel Racing Push Rod Tubes - set of 8

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Product Description

The installation of high lift rockers in lifts greater than 1.25 causes the push rods to rub inside the push rod tubes. This is dangerous and can result in bent or broken push rods, leaking push rod tubes and ruined engine. Racing Push Rod Tubes are stock 1600cc length and can be used with standard or fly cut cylinder heads. They feature an extended neck that fits snugly into the engine case to help keep engine oil from sloshing into the cylinder head rocker arm area. The additional oil control, increased I.D. and stock length are all perfect features for high performance street and off-road engines. The push rod tubes can be used on all 1500 and 1600cc based engines CB Performance now has their Racing Push Rod Tubes available in 304 stainless steel. Sure to add the finishing touch for your meticulously detailed engine