Serpentine Belt System

Serpentine Belt System

Code: CB1888



Product Description


Modern, quiet, and dependable. CB's NEW Serpentine Belt System stops the problems of broken alt./gen. pulleys and thrown belts. The flat multigrooved belt and idler pulley help reduce drag and lost power while increasing cooling efficiency and reliability. Serpentine Belts run with less noise and heat than old style V belts. The all NEW Serpentine Belt System is easy to install. The belt tensioner bracket is held in position by the alt./gen. stand base bolts, just bolt it on. You don't have to remove the alt./gen. stand. Serpentine Belts run silent, true, and outlast V belts many times over.

The standard size pulleys supplied in this kit are CNC machined from aluminum billets. The crank pulley features a timing ring with silver numbers on a black field background. A chrome hex nut assembly is included to hold the alt./gen. pulley in position. Each kit includes a multigrooved serpentine belt suitable for use on Type 1 Engines.

 If you're tired of replacing belts and listening to the clack and rattle of a stock VW alt./gen. Pulley, move on up to quiet running performance and the custom looks of a modern Serpentine Belt System.

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