Annodized 6" Billet Sand Seal Pulley - Black

Annodized 6" Billet Sand Seal Pulley - Black

Code: CB1954



Product Description


CB's 6" billet sand seal pullies are right off the "Top Shelf." Made for 6061 T-6 aluminum and finished with mill spec anodizing these pullies will last a life time. The sand seal surface is made from solid stainless steel and all the timing marks and logo are CNC engraved into the pulley, you can't rub off the these numbers. The seal and holder fit into a VW engine case without the need for machine work. Comes complete with a pulley bolt and washer, sand seal and shim kit.

This is the only 6" pulley that works with CB1745, 4 Gear Dry Sump Pump.