Link Pin - 2" Narrowed Front Beam

Link Pin - 2" Narrowed Front Beam

Code: CB6278



Product Description


Designed and Engineered by CB Performance: 

1. Allows for use of wider tires.
2. More tire-to-fender clearance.
3. OEM needle bearings are used for long lasting support and ease of movement through the entire range of travel. The inner bushings are made of tough wear-resistant Delrin.
4. No body modifcations required.
5. Re-designed CB PUMA Adjusters are the most secure and quick way to set the ride height on your VW. You can go from standard height to a full 3 1/2" drop.
6. Produced in the U.S.A. by CB Performance.
7. Each beam is Jig Assembled and mig-welded to insure a perfect fit and a lifetime of reliability.

All CB Performance Axle Beams use Bearings (included), not Bushings.

This beam cannot to be shipped to some countires via the post office. Please email to find out for sure! Thank you!