A1 BUS 68-71

A1 BUS 68-71

Code: A1BUSDELUX6871



Product Description

A1 304 Stainless steel Cerakoted black  with 1 1/2 muffler and header utilizing flanged heater boxes or flanged j-tubes for late bus (68 - 71) VBAND  WITH 02 SENSOR 
Late Bus model clears the rear hanger bar and all the factory engine tin.

Competition sidewinder mufflers use A1's exclusive 'magna flo' muffler design built to A1's specifications, incorporating a full 2 1/2" hi-flo straight through core design and constructed in 409 stainless steel with the inlet and outlet on the same end cap for fitment versatility. This design and construction will allow the muffler to flow equally out the side exit