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CB perforamnce

CB VW camshafts have been used by the best engine builders for over 3 decades. When you want the best quality at a great price, choose cb performance camshafts. CB perforamnce designs and grinds Eagle Racing Camshafts in their own shop. Every Eagle Cam is produced from a new high quality Proferal Cast Iron Billet. Eagle profiles provide horsepower and revving ability while running moderate spring pressures.

Choose your next camshaft from the biggest selection of 100% dyno and race tested cams in the VW industry.

CB Performance has both type 1 camshafts and type 4 VW camshafts available.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Straight Cut Cam Gears
Cam Plug - Rubber-Coated
Camshafts - Stock to fit 40hp, 13-1600
2288 Eagle Drag Race Cam
2289 Eagle Drag Race Cam
2298 Eagle Drag Race Cam
2299 Eagle Drag Race Cam
2297 BigFoot Super Lift Cam
2208 BigFoot Super Lift Cam
Eagle Bolt on Cam Gear



2199 T-2 & 914 Billet Cams
2201 T-2 & 914 Billet Cams
2202 T-2 & 914 Billet Cam
Camshafts - T-2 & 914 Billet Cams