Front Suspension Parts

CB performance VW suspension parts are in this category. We are the largest retailer of CB performance parts and have shipments arriving daily. If you do not find your part in this category, please search our site using a keyword.

We can supply CB performance Volkswagen narrowed and lowered beams, CB performance dropped spindles, torsion bars and everything in between. If CB makes it, we stock it.

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2" Narrowed Puma Adjustable Beam - Type 2
2'' Narrowed Torsion Leaves - Complete Set - Type 2
Standard Length Replacement Torsion Leaves - Type 2 to '67
Narrowed Tie Rod Set - Type 2
Ball Joint - 2" Narrowed Front Beam
Link Pin - 2" Narrowed Front Beam
2'' Narrowed Torsion Leaves - Link Pin
Narrowed Tie Rod Set - to-68
Narrowed Tie Rod Set - 69-on
Zerk Fitting Kit (set of 4) - OEM
Steering Dampener Bolt (each)
Drop Spindles Link Pin Disc Brake Up to '65
Drop Spindles Ball Joint 4 Lug Disc Brake 66-77
Drop Spindles Link Pin Up to 65 Drum Brake