VW Flywheels and Accessories

VW forged chromoly flywheels are an extremely necessary part for any high performance build. Piersideparts.net has the largest selection of quality Volkswagen flywheels.

Whether you need a stock 12 volt vw flywheel or a chromoly type 4 flywheel, we have you covered. We also have a large selection of VW gland nuts of the best quality, crank dowel pins, end play shims and everything else you need to install your VW flywheel.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

EMPI New 200Mm 12 Volt Chromoly Lightened Flywheels
New 200mm Stock 12 Volt Flywheels 4 Dowel
New  200Mm 12 Volt Lightened Flywheels
Washer For Heavy Duty Gland Nut
Flanged Flywheel Bolts Arp
Distributor Drive Pinion
8 Dowel Flywheel Gasket
Flywheel Lock
Deluxe Flywheel Seal Tool
Buddy Bar Flywheel & Drum Removal Tool
Flywheel Remover Aka Torque Dude
Forged Chromoly Gland Nut
O-Ring, Flywheel Seal, 13-1600Cc
Flywheel, 13-1600Cc, 200Mm, 12V
8mm Extra Length Double Duty Dowel Pins (set of 8)