Clay Smith CS76 Cast Camshaft

Clay Smith CS76 Cast Camshaft

Code: CS76



Product Description

We have worked exclusively with George at Clay Smith and Jack Sacchette at Jaycee Enterprises to bring you the best possible camshafts.

Clay Smith Camshafts have been manufacturing automotive camshafts since 1931 and we have tapped these decades of experience to design these camshafts that not only offer big power but are designed to be as easy on your VW valve train as possible.

Combining that with using only USA made blanks manufactured by the OE supplier to all the US car manufacturers, you are guaranteed the best quality cam.
No chinese castings here!!

Available on cast or billet steel blanks - your choice!

Cast are designed to be run with standard type 1 lifters and billet steel need to be used with Jaycee tool steel lifters with diamond coating for maximum life!

The CS76 cam features the following specifications:
.430 lift at the lobe
278 degrees duration at .050"
108 lobe center
for use with 1.4 or 1.5 rockers
lift with 1.4 rockers .602"
lift with 1.5 rockers .645"

Excellent drag cam, power to 8,000 rpm.
Strongest power from 5,500-8,000 rpm