CSP VW Type 3 Front Brake Kits

VW brakes can be good when all is perfect but you can bring your volkswagen type 3s stopping ability into the modern era with these CSP VW front disc brake kits. Piersideparts.net can hook you up with the highest quality German made CSP disc brake kits for your Volkswagen. All CSP VW brake kits are TUV certified for safety. TUV certification is a stringent European test to make sure the brakes are engineered/perform as well as or better than the original equipment brakes that came with the vehicle.

CSP front disc brake kits for VW type 3 are offered in VW 5x205 lug pattern and with vented cross drilled rotors or standard rotors. CSP vw disc brake kits come with all the necessary parts to install including; brake lines, mounting bolts, any lock plates, flexible lines and even new wheel bearings and grease seals. CSP disc brake kits for the VW type 3 are designed specifically for the Volkswagen type 3. CSP disc brake kits may cost a little more but CSP Disc brake kits are truly head and shoulders above all the other kits available. You will be happy you paid a little more for the quality and ease of installation of these CSP VW disc brake kits. CSP disc brake kits are vehicle specific and are available for almost any VW.

Unlike most VW disc brake kits, CSP disc brake kits add minimal or zero offset to your vehicle.

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