VW Bug Fuel System

We can supply all the VW parts you need to keep your vw bug running perfect.
Here we have bug carburetors, bug fuel tanks, VW fuel pumps and german vw fuel line, it's all here!

Obviously, fuel related parts need to be high quality to prevent leakage and fire hazards.
You can count on piersideparts.net to supply you with the best VW parts for your Beetle.

Flange For Fuel Pump 61-74
Gasket, Fuel Pump Flange To Case ' 61 - ' 74
Gasket, For Fuel Pump To Flange
Carburetor, New Redline Weber H-30 Pict W/Electric choke
Carburetor, New Redline/Weber 34 Pict-3 Redline
Gas Guage Vibrator Bug 68-79
Fuel Pump,With Threaded Inlet , 40Hp
5mm German Fuel Hose - Sold Per Foot
Fuel Reserve Valve, Up To 1960
Fuel Tank, Super Beetle, ' 75 - ' 79, Fuel Injected
Push Rod For Fuel Pump Generator
Cable,Gas Door Release Super Beetle ' 71 - ' 72
Fuel Tap Kit

Fuel Tap Kit


Gas Cap, Bug '61-'67 & Bus '68-'71