VW Fuel Pumps

VW fuel pumps come is a wide variety of style for a wide range of uses. Piersideparts.net is your one stop fuel pump shop. We can supply any fuel pump you need for a Volkswagen. We keep plenty of the stock mechanical pumps in stock as well as rotary electric pumps by CB performance and Holley. Most fuel pumps need a regulator to ensure the correct fuel pressure at all times, of course we keep plenty in stock for all price ranges and uses.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Flange For Fuel Pump 61-74
Gasket, Fuel Pump Flange To Case ' 61 - ' 74
Gasket, For Fuel Pump To Flange
Fuel Pump,With Threaded Inlet , 40Hp
Billet Fuel Pump Block-Off
Push Rod For Fuel Pump Generator
Push Rod, For Fuel Pump With Alternator
Fuel Line Fittings
Fuel Line Fittings 90*
Electric Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Electric Fuel Pump Mount
Holley Big Port Fuel Regulator
Holley Red Pump

Holley Red Pump


Holley Electric Blue Fuel Pump