VW Gas Tanks & Caps

Piersideparts.net continues to supply you with all the VW parts you need to keep your volkswagen running in tip top shape. Since most Volkswagens have had numerous owners over the last 35-50 years, its hard to say exactly what has transpired with each vehicle. What we do know is that the gas tank is very old and has at least had a lot of fuel put thru it or it has just sat empty, either way it is probably due for some serious maintanence. We can help you with a new fuel tank, gas cap, tanks senders and and all the parts to redo the entire system. We also stock a full line of spun aluminum buggy gas tanks in many configurations.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Gas Cap 1973 & Later Bugs And 1971 & Later Superbeetle
Fuel Hose Filler Neck Ghia & Type 3 68-74
Oe Fuel Pump Rod Alternator Type
Fuel Tank Sending Units
Fuel Gauge Sender Gasket Super Beetle
Fuel Gauge Sender Gasket 1961 And Later
Remote Mount Gas Tank Filler
Billet Gas Cap For Spun Aluminum Tanks
Fuel Screen, In-Tank
Gas Cap Gasket for 80 mm cap
60mm Gas Cap Gasket
70mm Gas Cap Gasket