VW Ghia Sheet Metal

VW karmann ghia body panels have been through a lot by now, Piersideparts has the replacement pieces you need to get that classic VW back in proper shape. Rust takes a toll on old cars and the karmann ghia is no exception
Cut out the bad sections and replace them with these high quality repair sections.

We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW parts to your doorstep!

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Sheet Metal Screws
Front Fender, Lower Section, Right, Ghia'S ' 60-74
Front Panel, Lower Section,<Br>Under The Nose, Ghia'S ' 60-74
Headlight Sheet Metal<Br>Repair Section,Left, Ghia'S' 60-74
Headlight Sheet Metal<Br>Repair Section,Right, Ghia'S' 60-74
Front Fender,Rear Lower Section,Left, Ghia ' 60-74
Door Sill, Left Side, Ghia'S ' 60-74
Door Sill,Right Side, Ghia'S ' 60-74
Rear Lower Quarter Panel, Right Side, Ghia's ' 60-74
Upper Rear Wheel Arch,<Br>L Or R, Ghia'S 60-74
Lower Rear Panel, Ghia'S ' 60 And Up