VW Hose And Fittings

VW fuel line and heater hoses are specially sized metric hose that is generally not available at your local auto parts store. Piersideparts.net only stocks the Original style Cloth covered Continental Brand fuel and vaccuum hose Made in Germany. Everybody knows the weak link of a Volkswagen is old and cracked fuel line, don't take any chances, replace that old hose right away.

We can also supply all the heater and under hood dash hoses. For those with high performance Volkswagen motors, we stock Parker, Made in the USA 1/2" hot oil hose with 250 psi rating. This is not the low quality hose that comes in many full flow and oil cooler kits. Brass barb fittings for fuel and oil hose are here too.
see here for AN fittings and stainless steel hose.

We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW parts to your doorstep!

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Steel Braided Hose 1/4" X 5 Feet
Steel Braided Hose 3/8" X 5 Feet
Clamp,  For Dual Port Intake Boot Small Side
Clamp, Dual Port Intake Boot Large Side
Barbed Brass Fittings
45 Degree Fitting
90 Degree Fitting
Steel Braided Hose 1/2" X 5'
Drain Hose, Bugs ' 68 - ' 74
Fresh Air Control Box Hose,Bugs ' 68 - ' 70
Fresh Air/ Heater Hose, Black German type 1
Hose, For Warm Air, Heat Exchanger To Body
Heater Bellows Bug 75-79 Right Side
Heater Bellows Bug & Ghia Up to 64 w/ 1600 Engine
Heater Bellows Bug 75-79 Left Side