NLA EMPI 44mm Brosol/Solex Dual Carburetor Kit

NLA EMPI 44mm Brosol/Solex Dual Carburetor Kit

Code: MB43-4420NLA



Product Description

EMPI has raised the bar on the competition for single throat high performance dual carburetor kits. They have taken the great performing 40mm Brosol/Solex and enlarged it to a true high flowing 44mm carburetor.
If your existing dual Solex's feel like they could use a little more "punch" or you like the ideas of smooth cold starting then upgrade now to a new version of an EMPI Solex/Brosol 40mm or 44mm dual carburetor kit.

Fits all Type 1 and 2 dual port upright 1600cc based engines.

This kit utilizes the same outstanding manifolds, linkage, air cleaners, hardware, etc. that the tried and true Kadron kit uses.