EMPI Dual 44HPMX Type 1 Carb Kit without Air Cleaners

EMPI Dual 44HPMX Type 1 Carb Kit without Air Cleaners

Code: MB47-6319



Product Description

Empi Dual 44 HPMX Carb kit has been test run and adjusted for smooth performance.
For 1500-1600CC based up-right engines.
Use your own air cleaner.

Proven in performance, reliability, and racing!
The carbs offer fine engine tuning with total air and fuel metering adjustment.
The Empi HPMX series have separate idle and main circuits featuring changeable air and fuel jets.
Intake air is metered by changeable venturies, and the accelerator pump is adjustable for maximum acceleration.
Jets, gaskets, and repair parts are readily availble.
All kits are pre- jetted for most VW engines, float levels checked, and test run.
Use F11 Emulsion Tubes.

  • Chrome Velocity Stacks!
  • New and improved linkage arms
  • Lightweight Delrin Ball in exhaust pump valve
  • New accelerator pump spring and diaphragm for smoother acceleration
  • New reusable body gasket
  • Choke circuit eliminated- No more accidental enrichment!

Dual 44 HPMX Includes:
  • .55 Idle Jets
  • .135 Main Jets
  • .200 Air Jets
  • 36mm Venturi
  • .550 Ex. Pump Jets
  • .50 Accelerator Pump Jets

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