VW Bug Mufflers Etc.

VW bug mufflers range from the stock "pea shooter" muffler to the 2 inch merged racing header. Piersideparts.net has the widest range of VW bug mufflers, we stock German brands, leistritz and dansk, bugpack, EMPI, Thunderbird as well as other economy brands.

All the VW Bug muffler accessories such as tail pipes, gaskets and dual quiet pack mufflers are available here.

Heater Bellows Bug  65-72, Bus 68-71, & Ghia 65-74
Heater Control Flap Box,Left
Heater Control Flap Box Right
Heater Box, Bus, Bug, Ghia, Left Side, Heavy Duty
Heater Box, Bug, Bus, Ghia Right Side, Heavy Duty
Lever Kit, Heat Exchanger, Left Side
Lever Kit, Heater Exchanger, Right Side
Exhaust Gasket All Cars 35Hp-1600
Intake Manifold,  Single Port
Intake Manifold Dual Port
Clamp, Heater Hose To The Heater Box
Muffler, Bug & Bus, Single Pipe European made
Stock Replacement Mufflers
Muffler, 1600Cc 72-73 Non Cal