MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil

MSD Blaster High Vibration Coil

Code: MSD8222



Product Description


Blaster High Vibration Coil, Pn 8222

For Circle Track, Off Road And Other Severe Duty Racing Applications, This Is The Coil! The Windings Of The High Vibration Coil Are Completely Encased In A Premium Epoxy Making It Impossible For Vibration To Affect The Windings. This Assembly Is Housed In A Unique Alkyd Molded Shell Which Provides High Dielectric Characteristics Plus A Very Durable Shell. Brass Primary Terminals Ensure Full Voltage Delivery And Are Spaced Far Apart To Eliminate The Chance Of Spark Arc-Over. The High Vibration Coil Can Be Mounted In Any Position And Can Be Used With A Standard Canister Coil Mount.

Blaster High Vibration Coil - Pn 8222

Blaster High Vibration Specifications

Primary Resistance: 0.7 Ohms
Secondary Resistance: 4.7K Ohms

Maximum Voltage :

45,000 Volts
Inductance: &Nbsp;8 Mh
Turns Ratio: &Nbsp;100:1
Peak Current: &Nbsp;140 Ma
Spark Duration: &Nbsp;350 Us
Tested With An Msd 6Al At The Plug Gap.