Serpentine Pulley System-Type 1-Anodized (Renegade)

Serpentine Pulley System-Type 1-Anodized (Renegade)

Code: MST-VW11004-029



Product Description

Same Great design with added cutouts for show!!! This product features a unique, inter-locking idler bearing adjustment and a durable double-row, High RPM Bearing. Reliability, Consistency and Product Quality are the backbone of MST..not to mention how GREAT this system will look on your engine. Works with Alternator or Generator!!! MST's design has been proven for over 5 years. It delivers greater horsepower by reducing belt slip and providing a much smoother operation than the standard V-belt setup. The MST Serpentine Pulley Assembly will deliver mile after mile of adjustment free performance!!! Kit includes: Crank Pulley (with etched timing marks), Alt/Gen Pulley, Idler Bracket Assembly with Bearing, Stainless Steel Crank Bolt and Alt/Gen Nut, 4-Rib Belt, Mounting Hardware, and installation instructions. Available in Standard Slinger and Sand Seal versions. Available in Blue, Black and Red.