Autocraft 910 Heads, Bare Set, 101.6mm

Autocraft 910 Heads, Bare Set, 101.6mm

Code: AC04103



Product Description

The New Autocraft 910 Cylinder head is the ultimate in performance heads and is a must for the truly serious minded racer.
These heads are the result of untold hours of design, testing and several preceding models.
All the best features are incorporated in this new cylinder head.

This is the 101.6mm Bore version

Features include:

  • An aerospace casting that withstands higher cylinder temperatures, while retaining the high strength properties of the alloy.
  • Hi flow, hi velocity intake and exhaust port designs that allow smooth, low rpm performance while achieving higher horsepower figures.
  • New Rocker Pad Billet area that is incorporated in the casting, allowing for Individual Hi-Ratio Shaft mounted Rocker arms.
  • Valve head sizes of 50-54mm Intakes, 38 to 41mm exhausts.
  • 11/32" Valve Stem Size
  • Single groove valve keepers
  • Four or Six Stud Cylinder to Case Fastening design
  • Spread Intake Stud pattern allowing for larger intake manifold porting
  • More material in the both the intake and exhaust port area allowing for better port flow