Pertronix VW Products


Pertronix ingitor for VW is one of the many vw parts in the pertronix family. Pertronix was the originator of the bolt in electronic ignition module; the replacement upgrade for the finicky points and condensor. the pertronix line now includes new billet distributors with modules installed, a wide range of coils, a high quality single vacuum advance distributor for stock carb applications and high quality wire sets to go with everything as well.

We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW performance parts to your doorstep!

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Pertronix Ignitor II Bosch 009 & 050 Aftermarket
Pertronix Plug 'N Play Billet Distributor Type 1, Black Cap
Pertronix 4 Cylinder Black Billet Distributor Cap Only
Pertronix Replacement Rotor for Billet Distributor Black
Pertronix Flame Thrower Oil Filled Coil 1.5 OHMS
Pertronix Second Strike Ignition Box
Pertronix Digital Rev Limiter
Pertronix 8mm Spark Plug Wire Sets
Pertronix 7mm Spark Plug Wire Set
Pertronix Flame Thrower Oil Filled Coil - Chrome 3.0 ohms