Clay Smith Camshafts

clay smith cams

VW Camshafts Only available at Pierside Parts Unlimited!

We have partnered with Clay Smith and Jack of Jaycee enterprises to create a line of camshafts made in the USA and designed to give ultimate power with reliability and long life. Clay Smith has been known as a leader in performance camshafts since the early 1930's. We have a wide assortment of Volkswagen camshafts grinds designed for all purposes. Don't settle for the same old 1970's grinds, get a clay smith cam today! you can trust clay smith and piersideparts to bring you the best VW camshafts possible!

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Clay Smith CS35 Cast Camshaft
Clay Smith CS65 Cast Cam
Clay Smith CS76 Cast Camshaft
Clay Smith CS80 Cast Camshaft