Autocraft Performance Products

Autocraft racing products are another example of the high quality VW parts supplies to volkswagen enthusiasts, If you have ever been to a vw drag race and seen a volkswagen beetle run 10's or faster in the 1/4 mile, chances are it has autocraft parts on it.

Autocraft is famous for their 910 racing heads, VW oil pumps and VW dry sump systems.

Autocraft parts are made in the USA!

Autocraft Valve Covers (Sold Each)
Autocraft 2 Stage Dry Sump Pump
Autocraft 1 ᄑ Stage Wet Sump Pump
Autocraft 1 Stage Wet Sump Pump
Autocraft Oil Sump Plate
Autocraft Copper Gaskets 92mm x. 040"
Autocraft Copper Gaskets 92mm x. 060"
Autocraft Copper Gaskets 94mm x. 040"
Autocraft Pro Series Intake Gaskets
Autocraft Square Port Gaskets
Autocraft Valve Cover Gaskets
Autocraft Rocker Head Stud Kit
Autocraft Rocker Arm Shaft (Pair)
Autocraft Rocker Arm Stands