VW Engine Parts

Our extensive line of VW engine parts is surpassed by no other vw parts retailer. We supply all the brands you love and need to build or repair your volkswagen motor, here is a sample of the VW engine parts we carry:

  • Bugpack
  • EMPI
  • CB performance
  • SCAT
  • Autocraft
  • Kuhltek
  • Mahle
  • Pauter
  • Jaycee
  • CSP
  • Manley
  • AA Pistons
  • DPR
  • Webcam
  • Steve Long Racing
  • Clay Smith VW camshafts
  • Engle
  • Race Ware Stud kits
  • Kolbenschmidt bearings

These brands produce the following and much more:
VW Main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, all sizes of crankshafts, all types of connecting rods, stock rods, push rods of all styles and lengths, cylinder heads, rocker arms; stock and high performance, camshafts and lifters, head stud kits, valve covers of all colors and styles imaginable, cooling tin and accesssories, flywheels and accessories and everything else possibly needed to assemble your dream motor.

Gathering the pieces necessary to assemble a VW engine can be a daunting task feel free to call or email if you need any help!

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us at vw parts help.

Porsche 356 Lightweight Forged Flywheel 200mm
Aluminum Super Case 90.5/92MM
DDS Deano Dyno Soars Valve Covers
control box remote start
The EMPI HEI Ignition Kit