VW Drivetrain

VW clutch, Volkswagen transaxle parts and mounts can all be found here, We can supply all the drive train related parts you need from all your favorite manufacturers and maybe some you've never heard of. The depth of the piersideparts.net VW parts line is unparralleled in the Volkswagen industry.

Here are a few of the parts you will find in these categories:

  • ring and pinions
  • transmission mount kits
  • clutches of all configurations
  • close ratio gears
  • differentials
  • VW axles of all types
  • VW 4 puck discs
  • Kennedy pressure plates
  • stock transmission mounts
  • replacement nose cones
  • transmission gasket kits
  • Porsche 930 axles
  • 930 CV joints and boots
  • and many more VW parts!

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. VW parts help