Bosch Wiper Blades

Bosch wiper blades come with the necessary adapters to fit almost any car, just pick the proper length.

Specially blended natural rubber for crystal clear visibility.

Bosch Micro Edge Wiper Blades are designed for dependable wiping performance. Every blade incorporates exclusive metal tension springs and a precision cut natural rubber wiping element. That means premium wiping performance and crystal clear visibility for safer driving. And the exclusive Bosch DirectConnect™ one-step system makes installation quick and easy.

Easy installation with no adapters required for over 90% of vehicle applications

Wiper Blade, Bosch 11 Inch.
Wiper Blade, Bosch 13 Inch.
Bosch 10 inch wiper blades
Bosch 15 inch wiper blade
Bosch 16 inch wiper blades
Bosch 18 inch wiper blade
Bosch 21 inch wiper blades
19 inch bosch wiper blade
Bosch 17 inch wiper blade