DPR Performance Parts

DPR Performance Parts

DPR VW crankshafts are made in the USA using genuine VW German crank forgings. Volkswagen crankshafts are a available from many manufacturers in many configurations. Piersideparts.net stocks more VW performance crankshafts than any other supplier in the world!! DPR has been building VW performance crankshafts for 40 years. Stock Genuine VW forgings are used and highly modified depending upon your order. From 69 stroke counterweighted to 90mm knife edged lightened crankshafts, DPR makes them all.

Crankshaft stroke as well as rod journal size is available to suit any engine builder. DPR cranskshafts are heat treated, balanced and polished for a perfect rotating part.

DPR is just down the road from our location and we work closely with Jose to get you the best part as fast as possible.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

DPR Crankshaft Stroker 76mm Balanced, 8 Dowel, Heat Treated
DPR Crankshaft Stroker 78mm Balanced, 8 Dowel, Heat Treated