CSP Aluminum Valve Covers - Type 1 THESE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!!

CSP Aluminum Valve Covers - Type 1 THESE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!!

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Product Description

THESE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!!!The second generation of CSP PRODUCTS aluminium valve cover is now available for all Type 1 and WBX engines. They did not get just a new design with the CSP PRODUCTS logo, the technical side has also been improved.

With an eye on race engines CSP have designed for maximum space, even for the most exotic rocker arm-valve spring combinations, with minimum external dimensions.
Sealing of the cover, which is manufactured in a steel mould exclusively for CSP-Products, is achieved with either the VITON® O-ring seal that is supplied, or the production standard cork seal.

Now the groove for the VITON® O-ring seal is not cast anymore but CNC milled.
This helps to put the o-ring in a more precise position and it now clamps right on.
The solid ribbed design provides additional cooling of the cylinder heads as well as noise reduction of the valve train.
Extra reinforced sections offer the possibility of later installation of breather fittings.
Very high quality installation set with special 10.9 nuts to guarantee the operational reliability of the engine even at extreme speeds and high rocker arm ratios.
The attachment bolts are manufactured from stainless steel.
Made in Germany