CSP Alternator Stand Breather Box

CSP Alternator Stand Breather Box

Code: CSP115451100D



Product Description


CSP oil filler-breather box

Without a good oil breather, performance engines suffer from both oil leaks as well as performance loss. The brand new CSP Breather Box provides the perfect remedy and at the same time offers a number of plus points. The stylish and compact design has a volume of almost a litre, and allows for the use of most of the crossbar carburettor linkages that are available on the market. Oil filling is also significantly easier due to the position of the filler cap. The separation plates fitted inside the breather box guarantee separation of air and oil and a rapid return path into the engine. As the box is securely attached to the engine there is no tedious unfastening of hoses when the engine has to be removed from the vehicle. Welded-on threaded bushings enable the use of hose nipples or AN aero screw fittings. Additional venting for the valve covers are provided, as well as the air filter connector for extraction of the cleaned air. For engines without an air filter it is simple to mount a K&N breather filter onto this connector. Manufactured in aluminium, the CSP Breather Box is attractive in terms of its low weight and shape.

An overview of the features :

  • particularly light, but nevertheless solid, design
  • large volume of approx 1 litre
  • significantly eases engine oil filling
  • fits all type 1 alternator stands
  • secure seating prevents any unintentional loosening of the box
  • connector options for the valve covers and feedback via the air filter
  • integrated separation plate for oil-air separation and rapid return path into the engine
  • an O-ring guarantees an oil-tight connection to the generator stand
  • the welded-on threaded fittings allow for a wide choice of connectors