CSP Sedan Shifter with Curved Handle and Ball Type Knob

CSP Sedan Shifter with Curved Handle and Ball Type Knob

Code: CSP711120202K



Product Description

CSP-Shifter with Ball, angled

With this product CSP presents a new generation of gear levers for air-cooled Volkswagens. The gear lever. precision manufactured using CNC technology. offers the maximum in terms of quality and finish. The shaft is manufactured from solid stainless steel rod. In a very painstaking procedure the rod is bored. polished and bent as required. The selector gate is manufactured from steel using ultra-modern laser technology and is covered with a real black leather gear lever cover. The ball joint is supported in Teflon blocks.

This shifter is equiped with a black gear knob. This part is also specially produced for our gear lever. It is made of non-reactive plastic.

The CSP gear lever provides a basic 40% reduction in gear change travel.

Reverse gear is accessed by a butterfly trigger below the handle. It is no longer necessary to push down the gear lever. The special linkage inside the handle is produced exclusively for this application. It can absorb very high loads and is provided with precision end fittings. It is almost impossible to fracture the linkage. Each of our CSP shifters is supplied with a new reverse gear detent plate and high strength attachment bolts. Installation has been kept very simple and is demonstrated step-by-step in the accompanying instructions.

Superior Construction & Materials

  • Main Shaft - Billet Stainless Steel, Highly Polished
  • Ball Joints - Heat treated and hardened steel
  • T-Handle - Billet Aluminium, Highly Polished
  • Ball-Handle - Solid Resin, Black
  • Boot - Hand stitched Leather