ISP VW Products

ISP Products range from type 3 body molding kits to beautiful billet wheel caps for vintage VW Wheels, including Fuchs, BRM's, Mahle Gas burners, and other Porsche alloy caps. works closely with ISP to bring you the highest quality VWparts at the best prices. You can also find a line of vintage style Volkswagen steering wheels and adapter hubs for their wheels as well as adapters for other vintage VW steering wheels. Hard to find type 3 VW parts can also be found here.

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We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW performance parts to your doorstep!

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Door Trim Clip Type 3 63-65 Set of 10
Dash Molding Clips Bug 61-67 Set of 6
Dash Trim Clip Type 3 61-73 Set of 8
Sun Visor Clips Type 3 61-66 Off White Plastic Pair
Over Flow Hose Type 3 68-73
Inner Scraper Type 3 61-73 Rubber Only, Pair
Fan Shroud Elbow Seal Type 3 61-73
Seal License Plate Light, Squareback 62-67
Lens License Plate Light, Squareback 61-67
Side Marker Seal Type 3 61-73
Fuel Neck Collar Type 3 68-73
Push Button Switch Cover Type 3 61-64 Set of 4
Vent Wing Accessory Lock, Fits All Models