Type 3 61-67 VW Service manual

Type 3 61-67 VW Service manual

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Product Description

Now available for the first time as a single volume is the Volkswagen Type 3 Workshop Manual: 1961-1967 for models sold in the USA and Canada. This manual is a compilation of the original air cooled Volkswagen service and repair information. This historical archive edition covers procedures for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and rebuilding.
Air-cooled Volkswagens (Type 3) covered:

Volkswagen 1500
Volkswagen 1500A
Volkswagen 1500N
Volkswagen 1500S
Volkswagen 1600
Volkswagen 1600S Sedan (Notchback and Fastback)
Volkswagen 1600S Variant (Station Wagon)
Volkswagen 1500 Karmann Ghia Coupe
Engines covered in this Volkswagen repair manual:
Volkswagen Air-cooled Type 3 "pancake" engine 1500cc
Volkswagen Air-cooled Type 3 "pancake" engine 1600cc
Technical highlights:
Engine and cylinder head service, repair and reconditioning, including bench testing procedures and specifications for 1500cc and 1600cc motors.
Solex 32 PHN, 32 PHN-1 single carburetors, 32 PDSIT 2/3 dual carburetors, as well as fuel pump troubleshooting, rebuilding, and adjustment.
Transmission removal, rebuilding, and adjustment, including early and later versions.
Frame and floor repair with measurements and detailed cutting, alignment and welding instructions.
Body repair and replacement procedures, including the sliding sunroof. Detailed painting preparation and procedures.
Wiring diagrams identified by year and model.
Running production changes and updates are noted in the text by manufacturing date, chassis number, engine number or part number.
Detailed explanations of the various systems, with exploded views, cutaways and diagrams.
Required workshop equipment, tools, and equipment for local manufacture listings.
Troubleshooting tables for clutch, carburetor, fuel pump, steering, disc and drum brakes, generator, starter, and wipers.
Maintenance and lubrication charts and procedures.