VW Gauge Accessories

VDO gauges are widely used by Volkswagen owners to monitor the engine functions. Piersideparts.net has all the VDO mounting accessories, bulbs and brackets you need to complete your installation.

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Under Dash Stereo/Gauge Panel
3 Gauge Hole Panel, Black
3 Gauge Hole Panel, Chrome
2 Gauge/1Tach Hole Panel, Black
2 Gauge/1 Tach Hole Panel, Chrome
1 Gauge Hole Panel, Black
1 Gauge Hole Panel, Chrome
2 Gauge Hole Panel, Black
2 Gauge Hole Panel, Chrome
Metal Mount Bracket, Black, 2 1/16", 1 Hole
Metal Mount Bracket, Black, 2 1/16"  2 Hole
Metal Mounting Bracket, Black, 2 1/16"  3 Hole
Mount Cup, 2 1/16" w/Long Housing
Mount Cup 3 1/8"
Flex Mount , 2 1/16"  1 Hole