VW Ghia Interior Products

Karmann Ghia interior trim is usually the last parts you need to finish off your restoration. www.Piersideparts.net has all the VW karmann Ghia interior parts you need whether it is an award winning show car or your daily driver.
We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW parts to your doorstep!

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Pad, Brake & Clutch Pedal
Collar, Door Lock Knob
Finger Plate,Inside Door Handle,Black,Pair
Latch, Glove Box, Locking, With Keys
Collar, Window Crank & Door Handle 56-67
Trim Plates, Door Handle,Pair,Black, 67-79
Clips, Sunvisor, Black Bug & Ghia 65-67 & Bus 68-79
Clips, Sunvisor, White Bug & Ghia 65-67 Bus 68-79
Heater Control Knob,  Black 52-64
Heater Control Knob, Grey 52-64
Heater Control Knob, Ivory 52-64
Knob, 5Mm, W/Brass Insert, Ivory
Knob, 5Mm, W/Brass Insert, Black
Knob, 5Mm, W/Brass Insert, Grey
Ignition Switch, Electrical 68-70