VW License Plate Bracket, Frames and Accessories

vw license plate brackets, frames and all other related parts are available at piersideparts.net. We stock the correct license plate brackets for all the vintage VW's; Mooneyes and Clay Smith license plate attaching hardware, lighted frames and custom mounts for the dune buggies and other custom rides. Browse thru the category to see all the accessories we offer to dress up your Volkswagen or even your "other " cars.

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License Light & Bracket
Lens, License Light, Bug & Type 3 ' 64 - '79
License Light Lens, Bus'S ' 50 - ' 71
License Light Lens Seal, Bus'S ' 50 - ' 71
License Light Housing Seal, Bug'S ' 58 - ' 63
Seal, License Light,  Bug & Type 3 '64-'79
License Light Assembly, Bug 52- 57
License Plate Bulb Holder 52-57 Bug
Seal License Housing Bug 52- 57
License Plate Bracket Bug 58-63
License Light Seal, Bug'S ' 58 - ' 63
Front License Plate bracket Bug 68-79 & Ghia 72-74
Rear license plate bracket 64-66 bug
Seal, License Light, All Ghias
Trim, Chrome, License Light Housing, All Ghias