VW Karmann Ghia Turn Signal And License Lights

Karmann Ghia turn signals and license light parts can be hard to find, thankfully piersideparts.net has all the lenses and parts you need to keep you VW Karmann Ghia safe.
From the early 60's Ghia to the final year, we have the lenses for you.

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Turn Signal Lens, "Bullet", Amber
Turn Signal Lens, "Bullet", Clear
Front Turn Signal Seal, Ghia ' 70-'74
Front Turn Signal Seal,Right,  Ghia ' 70 - '74
Turn Signal Switch 1971 Only
Turn Signal Switch 1972-1979 Bug, Ghia
Turn Signal Lens, Ghia ' 70 - ' 74, Left Side
Turn Signal Lens, Ghia ' 70 - ' 74, Right Side
Turn Signal Switch 62-65
Turn Signal Switch 66-67
Turn Signal Switch 1968-1970 Bug, Ghia
Turn Signal Seal, Front, Ghia '64-'69
Turn Signal Lens, Amber,<Br>T-3 '64-'67
Turn Signal Lens, "Hella" Amber Ghia & T-3
Turn Signal Switch 1968-1970 Bug, Ghia