VW Clutch Cables

VW clutch cables come in various lengths and configurations, Piersideparts.net stocks them for all Volkswagens, VW bug, All VW buses, type 3, Karmann ghia, as well as the VW thing.

Don't forget the wing nut or the clevis pin for bus cables, we also carry new clutch pedals for bugs, the pedal shaft and new bowden tubes.

All these VW parts are vital to good working clutch. You can count on piersideparts.net to bring the best VW parts to your doorstep!

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Clutch Pedal, All Cars From '67-'79 Except Bus
Clutch Cable Type 1 1972-1974
Clutch Cable Type 1  1975-1979
Clutch Cable Bowden Tubes
Cable Shortening Kit
Clutch Cable Shortening Kit
Transmission Clutch Cable Arm
Sleeve, Clutch Cable, Bug,Ghia,Bus,T-3
Sleeve, Clutch Cable, Bug, Bus, Ghia
Clutch Cable, 3116Mm,Bus / type 2 up to 1960 and 62-67
Clutch Cable, 3110Mm, Bus ' 60 - ' 62
Clutch Cable, 3200Mm., Bus  '68 - ' 71
Clutch Cable, 3215mm, Bus ' 72 - ' 79
Clutch Cable, Bugs ' 63 - ' 66