VW Speedometer Cables

VW Speedometer cables can wear out and make noise or the end can break off and not spin the speedometer properly. Piersideparts has all the speedometer cables you need for your Volkswagen.

We are the Worldwide leader of all Volkswagen parts and we continue this tradition since 1982 by bringing all the best VW performance parts to your doorstep!

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Grommet, Speedometer Cable
Speedometer Cable, Bus'S ' 55 - ' 67
Speedometer Cable, Bus'S ' 68 - ' 74
Speedometer, 3 1/8", 120 MPH
Speedometer, 3/ 3/8" 120MPH
Speedometer, 3 3/8", 120MPH
85-92 golf jetta speedometer cable
Speedometer to dash seal all 46-77
75-79 super beetle lower speedometer cable
75-79 super beetle upper speedometer cable
Speedometer Cable  E Clip
Early Beetle 1952-57 Speedometer cable
Super Beetle 71-79 with one piece speedometer cable
1956-67 Karmann Ghia Speedometer cable