VW Cooling Tin & Chrome Stuff

VW cooling tin are maybe the most important parts on your VW, Piersideparts.net has all the proper pieces to keep your air cooled Volkswagen running like it was designed.

VW fan shrouds, cylinder tin as well as the front and rear tin is all available here. We offer most cooling tin in chrome or black finish. Scat VW cooling tin is also available.

Also available are multiple oil fillers, and many engine dress up kits and dress up VW parts.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. vw parts help

Fan Hub Kit

Fan Hub Kit


Fan, Doghouse 1971-1979
Chrome Single Port Cylinder Tin
Chrome Dual Port Cylinder Tin
Dual Port Cylinder Tin, Black
Heater Hose Silver
Heater Hose Black
Type 3 Heater Hose
Chrome Dipstick
Polished Oil Filler
Chrome Oil Filler
Chrome Stock Oil Filler
Stainless Steel Generator Cover
Chrome Distributor Clamp
Billet Distributor Clamp