VW Exhaust Parts

VW exhaust gaskets can leak over time, Piersideparts.net has all the high quality gaskets and hardware you need to quiet your beloved Volkswagen down. We also supply dress up tailpipes and lots of other exhaust accessories.

If you are having trouble finding a vw part you need, please email us. VW parts help

Heater Bellows Bug  65-72, Bus 68-71, & Ghia 65-74
Heater Control Knob,  Black 52-64
Heater Control Knob, Grey 52-64
Heater Control Knob, Ivory 52-64
Egr Filter, ' 74 Carburetor Bus,1800Cc
Heater Box,Left, Bus ' 72 - ' 74,
Heater Box Right, Bus ' 72 - ' 74
Heater Control Flap Box,Left
Heater Control Flap Box Right
Heater Box, Bus, Bug, Ghia, Left Side, Heavy Duty
Heater Box, Bug, Bus, Ghia Right Side, Heavy Duty
Lever Kit, Heater Exchanger, Right Side
Exhaust Gasket All Cars 35Hp-1600
Clamp, Heater Hose To The Heater Box