CSP Quality VW Products

CSP VW Parts are made in Germany using the finest materials and workmanship for the highest quality parts possible

CSP VW products are German engineered and manufactured to give you the guarantee of a correctly designed and fitting part for your Volkswagen. CSP products for your VW range from weld in beam adjusters to stainless steel python exhaust and everything in between.

CSP parts are tested and proven on the racetracks and autobahns of Europe. Many of the CSP parts must pass TUV certification, which is a stringent European test to make sure the replacement parts are engineered/perform/fit and function as well as or better than the original equipment parts that came on the vehicle. CSP brake kits utilize the best materials and design to give you a proper fitting part that will outlast anything else on the market, CSP shifters feature a high quality leather boot and all steel construction, CSP aluminum valve covers combine great looks with superior performance, designed to clear most springs and rockers and made in Germany. CSP dual carb linkage comes in many configurations for most carburetors and shrouds and has no rival in quality or ease of adjustment. Many other Quality CSP VW parts are in stock and ready to ship, check them out!

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CSP Torque Bar Kit- Type 1- late 1961 and up
CSP Torque Bar Kit - Early - Type 1 -  Up To 1960
CSP Oil Pump Cover - Full Flow - Type 1 Standard
CSP Carburetor Linkage Type 1 - Standard IDF
CSP Bus Shifter 68-79
CSP Sedan Shifter with Curved Handle and Ball Type Knob
CSP Alternator Stand Breather Box
CSP Stainless Steel Breather Box
CSP 8mm Fuel Tap
CSP Sedan Curved Shifter with T Handle
CSP Case Measuring Tool
CSP Crankshaft Measuring Tool Type 1
CSP Oil Filter Mount with 3/8 npt Threads